Monday, August 30, 2010

a Story!~

we both pick the same item,
he stands up bieng cheered on by his mates,
pushes me into the closet like i am a boy going to mud wrestle him,
as soon as he close the door,
he tries to be all over me.
i shout: "What are you doing!?"
He replies, "Im kissing you! Thats the only reason i come to these parties to get off with some one!"
i shout back "Get off me!"
"NO!!!" He screams back.
He ried to take off my clothes and really hurts me by pushing me against the wall.
 i bte him, run out screaming and crying.
Turns out he was a 18 yr old perv.
who crashes parties as a hobby.
i put him in jail for 18 months and havent been to a party since.

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